5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

Oh, January, probably the worst month of the year for many. I always struggle to keep my spirits high after the excitement of Christmas and New Year and having eaten one too many chocolates and drank far more alcohol over a 2 week period than I should, I always feel sluggish and drained. This year is no exception, my skin is breaking out, my tummy is trying to escape my jeans and I just feel a bit meh! So I have come up with 5 ways I am going to beat the January blues!

1.Drink More Water

I’ve always generally been great at drinking water but over the cold months of November and December, I have drunk more tea and coffee to keep me warm than I have water. I am certainly noticing the difference in how I feel and how my skin looks since my intake has reduced. I am also taking medication which requires you to drink more so I am filling up my water bottles and downing them like I used to down shots in my early twenties.

2. Eat More Nutrient Dense Food

I have eaten double my body weight in chocolate, sweets and cheese this Christmas. It probably didn’t help I was massively run down with a terrible cold and just wanted to comfort eat. So from today, I am making a conscious effort to eat healthy, nutrient dense food. Packing my plate full of veggies and lean protein and eating fruit as a snack instead of reaching into the remnants of my tub of celebrations. I know my tummy will feel better for it as well as my energy levels.

3. Plan Something to Look Forward to

In previous years this would have been booking our big summer holiday but this year as we are hoping to buy a house there will be no big holiday for us. We will be heading to Lisbon for a few days for a wedding in July though which I am very much excited for.  You could plan a coffee date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, a trip to the park with your kiddies or maybe a night away alone with your partner for the end of the month. Just plan something you will be excited about. I have my best friends hen party in June, her wedding in September (I’m a bridesmaid) and hopefully buying our first home. So much to look forward to in a very exciting 2018.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

I don’t know about you but a bit of fresh air makes everything better for me. Even though it is cold out, wrap yourself, the kids, the dog, the husband up warm and head out to the hills or a local nature trail. It is great to get the blood pumping and breath in the fresh air. Why not take your camera or phone along and capture some great memories of the kids jumping in puddles or whatever you happen to be doing.

5. Do Something New

This could be trying out a new fitness class or heading to an attraction you have never been to before. It could be taking your little one along to a new toddler class or you could try a new art activity you saw on Pinterest. Just try something new this month.


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