2017 in Review- The Best Bits

2017 in Review- The Best Bits

2017 has been such a funny year with a mix of highs and lows for us as a family. We have had some wonderful life changes with our move back home to Scotland but also sadness in losing people in our families. With the exception of the sad moments this year I have thoroughly enjoyed 2017- here are our best bits.

Moving Back to Scotland

Something I have written about before when we made the decision to move home, the decision wasn’t an easy one for us to make. It involved James giving up his job and us moving in with his parents to make it work but we have and although there were moments I thought weย made a massive mistake it really was for the best. James found his next career move in October giving us a stable income once again (although we did eat through our savings) and my business is slowly gaining momentum, allowing me to work flexibly around Ailsa.

Reconnecting old Friends

The move back to Scotland has allowed for me to reconnect with old friends from School and I am loving it. As well as being able to see my best friends more and be involved in one of their weddings getting back in touch with old friends has just been wonderful especially as we are at a similar place in our lives.


Being Around Family Again

There is nothing better than being around family and this year has been amazing for it. Ailsa has really benefitted from the family interaction she now has and it means babysitters for us ๐Ÿ˜‰


2017 has had so many amazing times, changes and developments and I will try to remember it as the year that allowed us to move back to our roots. Of course, it will still be the year I lost my dear Grandfather but if we hadn’t moved home I wouldn’t have had the chance to say goodbye.

I am looking forward to what 2o18 will bring and I am sure I will be updating Being Mrs Lynch along the way.

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