October Updates from the Lynch Family

October Updates from the Lynch Family

October has been the craziest of months for our little family and life seems to have taken on a mind of its own. You may have noticed I have been a little quiet over here on Being Mrs Lynch but I hae still been updating my social media. So you may already know what has been happening for us.

James finally got a job! Yay!!! I haven’t been vocal around the difficulties we faced with James being unemployed since we moved back to Scotland in March. When we decided to move we knew there may be a gap between us moving and James finding work but we didn’t expect it to take as long as it did. They always say though that the best things are worth waiting for and it certainly seems that is the case for James new position, it is a 5-minute drive away from his parent’s house, he can see his brothers street from his office window and financially we are all good. James is happy too and that matters the most after him being so unhappy in his last job.

In other news with James starting to work full time we needed to work out childcare for Ailsa and so a couple of weeks ago, Ailsa started at a local private nursery 2 half day sessions a week and she absolutely loves it! she runs in and doesn’t even say bye to me. It was a big step for us as a family having her looked after by other people but the Nursery is fantastic and we are so happy with them.

Ailsa has also just been potty trained and doing amazingly!It took her a little while to get the hang of it but she got there in the end and I will either film a vlog or write a blog post to go through how we did it. We are so proud if her though even with the change of starting nursery and potty training she just hasn’t been phased by it at all and just taken it in her stride. In the 2 weeks that she has been at nursery she has come on so much with her speech and confidence.

Nothing overly exciting has happened for me this month but I think it would have been quite a lot to take in after everything else we have been doing. Hopefully, in November things will settle down a little and we can gear ourselves up for Christmas which I am very excited about, Mulled Wine, Breakfast with Santa and hopefully chilling in front of the fire with the family watching some Christmas movies!

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