Ailsa at 2 and a half

Ailsa at 2 and a half

On Sunday, my wee babe was 2 and a half. I cannot believe that it’s been that long since Ailsa was born and I became a mummy. I thought I would write an update on how she is getting on as it has been quite a while since I wrote my last one.

Ailsa is still such a happy and excitable wee soul even if the terrible twos are in full swing. We are certainly dealing with our fair share of tantrums but I am finding some great ways to deal with them, mostly by distraction and getting her to point things out to me and use her brain in other ways. She is very chatty now and constantly copying words we say. She’s not quite at full sentences yet but she does give it a go. It won’t be long before she is talking our ears off I’m sure.

Ailsa isn’t potty trained yet but we are getting ready to start next week, we are staying at my brother in law’s house this week to dog sit so we want to wait till we are back home and a little more settled before we attempt it. I will be writing an update on potty training once we are underway.

Ailsa still likes to sneak into our bed through the night and I wake up to her snuggled up into my arm and quite often she will wrap my arm around her. Those are the moments I treasure the most when we are all snuggled up. I know that it won’t be long before she gets too big for her to snuggle up with me. She is really loving being back around her family especially her doggy cousins. She really is looking forward to us staying with them this week to look after them. Ailsa really loves animals and it is so nice to see her interact with the dogs, though she does try to copy them, she will play fetch when they are around pant and sit. It’s quite funny really and we do pretend to be animals quite often so it’s not surprising she likes to copy the boys.

At the moment her favorite movies are Toy Story and The Bee Movie. She has a plush woody doll that she takes with her everywhere at the moment. She just loves to sing and dance loads at the moment and we have started a dance class which she just loves and she is so great at keeping up with the moves.

I cannot wait to see how she grows over the next 6 months, time is moving so fast and I am treasuring every moment of it.


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