Wiggling over to Glasgow- Our Trip to The Wiggles

Wiggling over to Glasgow- Our Trip to The Wiggles

On Monday we headed to Glasgow city centre to go and see a show I have been excited about for months, The Wiggles tour had finally landed in Scotland. I was a fan through my childhood after several trips to Australia and dancing around to them with my younger cousins. I still remember the old songs and dance moves and I finally introduced them to Ailsa last year and have learned the words to a lot of their new stuff too. I was far more excited than Ailsa though and I think James was getting a bit sick of me going on about it.

We parked up in Glasgow (¬£16 for 5 hours of parking, bloody daylight robbery NCP) then headed over to City Halls where the concert was being held. There were loads of kids dressed up in their Wiggly best and it was so nice to see them all getting into the spirit of things. Ailsa didn’t have a costume on but we did pop her into a tutu which she is obsessed with at the moment. After a quick toilet trip we headed up in the lift to get to our balcony seats, we were the first ones in our seats. I think I was just far too excited and a bit ahead of myself. They were playing a Wiggles CD in the background so Ailsa was still kept entertained and she was able to eat all the snacks I had in my bag.

Once The Wiggle show got started Ailsa was in absolute awe with all the songs and the dancing on stage, we were sitting side view on the balcony but could still see most of the stage which was pretty good. Next time I will need to get in there quickly when tickets go on sale so we can be down the front. We were treated to lots of lovely dancing from the dancers and The Wiggles especially Emma and Lachy, from Ballet to Irish dancing and of course they had to include some Scottish dancing in there and Anthony played the Bagpipes wonderfully.

My favourite part was when they broke into Fruit Salad, Hot Potato and Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car. Classics from when I was in Australia years ago. I was able to send my younger cousin some Snapchats of the songs which I’m sure she enjoyed. There was also a really nice moment when they told us Lachy’s Gran was in the audience and he sang the song Loch Lomond for her. It’s such an anthem here and played as the last song in many weddings and parties. The whole crowd got involved and sang along too and it was such a great atmosphere.

The show was just fantastic, a few funny jokes and comments for us adults and lots of singing and interacting with the children, they even sang happy birthday to a little girl which I’m sure made her day. It was the first stage show we have taken Ailsa to and I would definitely take her along again. She just loved every moment on it, singing, dancing and clapping away. I cannot wait to see them again and will definitely¬†be first in the queue to buy tickets!

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  1. August 16, 2017 / 7:45 am

    Love it!! I have had Fruit Salad (yummy, yummy!) in my head all morning! xxx

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