4 Amazing Ideas for a Better Bath Time

4 Amazing Ideas for a Better Bath Time

Bath time has to be the favorite thing to do in our house. Ailsa just loves it, from splashing to playing with her favorite bath toys it really is a joy to see her light up when she gets to go in the bath ( or shower we love them both). Over the last 2 and (almost) a half years I have definitely found out ways to make bath time easier for us and I want to share them with you today.

1. Try slightly varying bath water temperatures

when Ailsa was a baby we would have the water at 37 degrees exactly and she screamed every time, we soon realised that having the water 2-3 degrees hotter made for a much more pleasant bath for her. I think it goes without saying but make sure the water isn’t scalding and ensure that the hot and cold water is thoroughly mixed before popping your little one in there.

2. Regularly replace bath toys like rubber ducks

Water gets into toys like rubber ducks and you end up with mold growing inside, which is pretty gross and if your child is anything like mine then they will try to squirt the water into their mouths. We try and buy the cheaper rubber ducks from the pound shop or similar and change them over at the first sight of black mold.

3. Choose gentle baby cleaning products

We have tried loads of brands of bubble bath and baby shampoo and we have struggled to find one that doesn’t dry out Ailsa’s skin or make her cry when the soap goes in her eyes. That was until we found Good Bubble bubble bath, shampoo, and conditioner. The products are 98% naturally derived and free from any harsh chemicals or nasties with a brilliant super-fruit no tears formulation. There are two flavours to choose from in the product range, Cloudberry, and Dragon Fruit. Both are just lovely but not completely overwhelming which is what I like in products I use for Ailsa.

The Good Bubble products leaves Ailsa’s hair and body smelling clean and fruity, her skin soft and hair tangle free. I couldn’t recommend it enough I won’t be going back to anything else and little does go a long way.

4. Wash a toddlers hair in the shower

Ailsa absolutely hates having her hair washed, like most toddlers I’m sure. We find the best way to get it over and done with is to do it in the shower. She doesn’t have a huge amount of hair which makes it easier at the moment. We lather her hair up, the part she doesn’t mind, then we tip her back slightly under the running water and wash it out super quick. We also use a little of the Good Bubble conditioner in her hair to help strengthen it as it is very fine and breaks constantly. We tend to only use it on the back of her head where she needs it most and then it only takes a quick wipe over with some water to get it out.


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We were sent the Good Bubble products in exchange for the review in this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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