The Weekly Post #6

The Weekly Post #6

This week we…

Took Ailsa to splash in the sea for the first time. My gosh, she absolutely loved it. I just don’t think there is anything better than splashing in the sea and to see the joy on Ailsa’s face running in and out of the water was just wonderful. I can’t wait for better sunny days where we can get back down there.

This week was…

My brother in laws birthday. We went out for a lovely dinner and had such a great time. Ailsa was absolutely desperate to put on her party dress and head out to the party. After dinner, we headed back to my brother and sister in laws for another drink and to get the tunes on so Ailsa could have a boogie.

This week I…

Went wedding dress shopping with my besties for my friend Heather’s wedding. Heather looked stunning in every dress but I don’t think she found the one. Myself and the other bridesmaids also got to have a peek at the bridesmaid’s dresses and have a chat about what we all thought, though we won’t be shopping for them for a while yet.

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