The Weekly Post #5

The Weekly Post #5

This week we…

Had some family time. We have had a few moans and groans from Ailsa this week, and we think it was a bit of boredom from her as the weather hasn’t been great so we haven’t been able to take her out and about as much as normal and I have been really busy with work. On Thursday we headed to a local park and spent ages running around with her and having fun! She absolutely loved it and we had some lovely time the 3 of us.

This week Ailsa had…

Her first trip to A&E. Somehow she hurt her wrist on Saturday afternoon and wouldn’t move it and screamed if it was moved by her or us. We headed straight to the hospital to have her checked out where she continued to scream till we were seen by the triage nurse. After a quick examination by the nurse, we were popped into the paediatric waiting room where there are lots of lovely toys which peaked Ailsa’s interest. She was very hesitant at first to use her hands but after a while, she ended up using her sore hand/wrist not a problem. We must have been waiting an hour and a half by this point. James went to speak with a nurse who was happy for us to head home. We are still none the wiser what was wrong with her but it wasn’t serious and she is absolutely fine now.

This week I…

Stepped up my exercise game. It’s a goal for me to lose a little weight and get fit again and this past week was the beginning. I am documenting my journey on Friday’s with my Fitness Friday posts. Every Friday I will be sharing my highs and lows from the week and I would love for you to join me.

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