Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Today marks the end of week 1 of my transformation challenge. The aim for me is to loose a little weight but increase my fitness and muscle strength, especially my abs! This week has gone amazingly well fitness wise and my eating hasn’t been too bad either.


  • To lose 1/2 a stone – current weight ( 30/06)- 8st

(N.B I am only 4ft 11 so 7 1/2 stone is perfectly healthy for me)

  • To lose 0.5l of visceral fat- Currently 1.5 (30/06)
  • To get back into my size 8 Jeans- currently in size 10


Monday- Piloxing and Ass and Abs classes back to back plus I hit 16,000 steps and 131 minutes of active exercise

Tuesday- Rest day

Wednesday- Fatburn extreme

Thursday- Piloxing

Friday (tonight)- I will be heading to Rush and Ass and Abs again


My eating is something that I could definitely improve next week. It hasn’t been completely horrendous I think I need to eat a little more and make sure it’s healthy. I have discovered this week a couple of new things to eat which I am really enjoying and will share below.

A toasted sandwich thin ( I like the wholemeal) topped with Avocado, Bacon, Cherry tomato, a little salt and pepper and some hot sauce. I love this for breakfast, it keeps me full for ages with the fats from the Avocado and is just so yummy! It would be great with an egg on top too.

Another yummy sweeter treat that I am loving is getting a wrap, smothering it in peanut butter and then rolling a banana up in it- OMG it is so so yummy!

Happy weekend folks!

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