Fitness Friday- How I’ve motivated myself this month

Fitness Friday- How I’ve motivated myself this month

Today marks 4 weeks since I started on the transformation challenge. The first 2 weeks I made it along to 4 classes, which I am really proud of. Last week, I only made it to one class which isn’t great but at least I made it along to that one.This week I have attended 2 kettlebell classes which were hard but I felt great afterwards. I have been managing to keep myself motivated this month, to go to classes which is a first for me not to have given up after only a week or so and here is how I managed it.

1- I changed into my workout clothes as soon as I got home so I was ready even if the class wasn’t for a couple of hours. I had no excuse not to go along.

2- I told as many people as I could that I was going. I would tell my husband and my sister-in-law, a couple of the ladies that attended the class and even the instructor herself that I will be at that class. That way I was accountable to as many people as possible and couldn’t back out.

3- I know I’m going to be weighed and measured on a certain date so it is something to work towards. Weigh ins are monthly so I know I have to keep myself going the whole month which in a way is better than weekly as your not obsessing about it constantly.

Today I had my 4-week measurements taken and here are my results.

Weight- I gained 0.04 of a lb so still 8stone 0.6lb

Overall measurements- minus 19cm all over (Woop Woop!!!)

I lost 1% body fat and gained 1% muscle.

I am so happy with these results! I know the last month my eating hasn’t been as great as it could have been but I plan to keep working on it and also aiming to get to a minimum of 3 classes per week. I have most definitely noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels.



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