Dreaming Of Paradise- My Perfect Getaway

Dreaming Of Paradise- My Perfect Getaway

Recently I have been constantly dreaming and thinking of holidays. Probably since it’s been 3 years since we last went abroad for our honeymoon and more so as I know I won’t be getting one anytime soon. But a girl can dream right!

My perfect holiday is somewhere hot and exotic. Somewhere I can lie by the pool and read a book for two weeks but with enough culture and things to do that we can break up the week(s) with a few days out here and there. Sunshine is a massive factor when I’m looking for a destination, I like it hot!!! My worst nightmare would be skiing or anywhere with snow unless I could stay inside by a log fire and toast marshmallows and drink wine. The last few places I have visited have been further afield, Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius. Morocco was definitely my favourite out of them and was such a lovely holiday, we had the best time ever and I would love to go back again.

Right now I am dreaming of places like Greece, Italy and Cyprus. Closer to home but with culture great food and of course my non-negotiable sunshine. We are also looking to have a big family holiday in a couple of years to Cuba or somewhere in the Caribbean to celebrate a few big birthdays (mine and my sis-in-laws 30th and father-in-laws 60th).

I’m just looking forward to sun, pool and relaxing but with a toddler, I’m not sure how much that will happen on our next holiday.

What is your dream destination?


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