Making Myself a Priority

Making Myself a Priority

Recently I have been putting myself and my needs on the backburner whilst I dealt with everything going on in my life and looking after my toddler. I have been eating so much rubbish and drinking a few too many wines. My tummy is bloated, I feel so lethargic and my weight is creeping back up. I’m not overly fussed with how much I weigh, the number doesn’t bother me, but I feel crappy. I know I need to eat better, I know I need to cut down on the wine and I know I need to exercise more regularly and so I am making a commitment to myself to make these changes.

For my birthday at the end of the month, James is buying me a months membership to a local transformation challenge with a lovely lady who runs a variety of fitness classes in the area. I have gone to Piloxing a couple of times in the last month and have loved it. So I will be carrying that on along with attending a few other varied classes. I got really into fitness last year and after a tummy bug never really got back into it. I will be attending these classes with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law plus a few other people I know so I will have some accountability in them.

With the transformation challenge, I will have measurements taken every month along with weight, body fat etc and also advice on healthy eating. Now I know how to eat healthily and I have a great idea of when to eat what from my Tone It Up Nutrition Plan but I suck at sticking to it. With knowing that I am going to be weighed and having other people keep me accountable I think I have a better chance of succeeding this time.

I will be bringing back my Fitness Friday posts to share my meals for the week, the workouts I have done and any highs/lows or tips and tricks I can share along with my progress. I will also be sharing updates on my fitness Instagram account where you can follow along if you so wish.

It is now time to invest in me. So I can be a better mum and wife and so I can feel better about myself.

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