The Weekly Post #3

The Weekly Post #3

Oops so this post is a day late but life happens sometimes. So here is what we were up to last week.

This week we got…

The Bubbles out. What is it with kids and bubbles? Ailsa just loves them and was running around with her bubble lawnmower all day. Luckily the weather is heating up a little so we can get out in the garden a bit more.

This week I….

Had my first video editing lesson with my friend Abi who is a very talented filmmaker. I am hoping to really work on my youtube channel and also it may help for my business if I ever need to edit something for social media I will be skilled in doing it.

This week the boys…

Brewed some beer. My hubby and his brother have just started their beer making journey Hop Geeks Beer Co documenting their homebrew journey with the hope to turn it into their very own microbrewery business. They are blogging all about it so it will be good to follow their journey over the coming years.


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