The Weekly Post #2

The Weekly Post #2

Welcome back to The Weekly Post where I share what the Lynch family have been doing over the week.

This week we have…

Been spending time in the garden. We are still loving the sunshine even if there is a bit of a cold wind. Ailsa and I also went swimming which we loved. It is so lovely to spend some quality girl time together and she is starting to love the water so we will hopefully be making it a weekly event. Going midweek is great as the pool is mostly empty which I love as I feel more relaxed and less self conscious.

This week we were eating…

Soreen, Β I have shared my love of Soreen on the Being Mrs Lynch before and we were sent some new ones to try this week. Soreen have teamed up with Disney and lots of lovely Disney characters are featuring on Soreen Chocolate and Toffee Mini Loaves. They are absolutely delicious, perfect for popping in your bag for a quick snack on the go or to pop into a lunch box and the great thing is they have 60 % less fat and 50% less sugar than standard cake bars so you don’t need to feel bad for eating them or letting your little one have one as a treat.

This week Mummy…

Met up with her best friends. Since coming back to Scotland I have been trying to meet up with old friends that I haven’t had the chance to see much when we lived in England. On Sunday I met up with my best friends and even though we just sat and chatted for a few hours it’s always such a great therapy. Having been away for so long we are all trying to get back into the mindset that actually I am only 30 minutes away now rather than 8 hours. Lots of future get together are in the planning is very exciting.


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