The Weekly Post #1

The Weekly Post #1

Welcome to my new weekly series, a little update of what has been happening in our world the week before. These posts might be quite picture heavy but as you may know I just love to share photos of our time together as a family, I always have my camera out snapping away πŸ™‚ I’ll try and pop most of them at the bottom.

This week we have….

Been getting Ailsa into her own bed. eeek! After co-sleeping with us pretty much every night starting when she was six months, we finally have her in her own bed. She has slept in there all week with either James or I sleeping on the floor next to the bed for some of the night providing reassurance but we are getting to a stage where we don’t need to be there quite as much. It has been lovely getting some more space in bed. I will be writing a full blog post on this very soon!

This week we love….

The Sunshine! Who doesn’t love sunshine. Although there has been quite a cold wind we have popped our jumpers on and headed out into the garden for some wonderful Vitamin D. The fresh air just makes me feel better and running round the garden has been great for getting in some exercise without really trying.

This week we went…

To the beach. Making the most of the gorgeous weather we took a trip along the Fife coast to a caravan park at Shell Bay near Elie. They have a lovely little beach which we had a lovely walk along with James brother, his wife and their 2 dogs. The dogs loved going in and out the water searching for their balls. We collected shells and skimmed stones, Ailsa kept trying to get into the water but it was far too cold for a dip. We then headed back to Sean and Marianne’s for coffee and lunch and had a chilled out afternoon before heading home.

I am excited to see what this week will bring us. Hopefully a more settled sleeping pattern for Ailsa, James and I but I will be sure to update in next weeks post. What did you get up to last week? Leave a comment and let me know.


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