5 Top Tips for Harmonious Living With Your Inlaws

5 Top Tips for Harmonious Living With Your Inlaws

This post is for those of you who may find yourselves living with your parents or your in laws, with many young families taking this decision to be able to save for a house deposit or when going through financial difficulties. We made this decision to enable us to relocate from Wiltshire back up to Scotland as we wanted to be closer to family and have a support system around for Ailsa. We have lived with my In-laws for just over a month now and I have 5 top tips for harmonious living with your in-laws.

Offer to cook/make tea/coffee

I find a simple way to be helpful is to offer to make tea or coffee when my in laws come home from work and James and I are both in charge of cooking since we are home through the week at the moment. 

Tidy Up after yourself/your child

As nice as it is to feel like you don’t have to worry about tidying up, you don’t live in a hotel with a paid cleaner. Wash your dishes throughout the day, pick up after yourself and don’t leave crumbs everywhere.

Chip in with the housework

With more people living in the house than normal, it’s going to get messy and dirtier quicker. Chip in with the housework, clean the bathroom and the kitchen. Get the hoover out whenever its needed- we hoover most days as living with a 2 year old who can create crumbs from thin air it is most definitely needed. Also make sure you put washing on and get it hung out. Don’t just wait on someone else doing it.

Buy groceries and the occasional treat

If there is anything specific you like to eat or drink it is only fair that you stump up for it. Of course if there are some financial issues this may be harder but contribute where you can. If you are popping out check if there is anything needed such as milk, bread or maybe that nights dinner. Why not pick up a nice dessert for the night or bottle of wine.

Get out of the way every so often

As nice as it is to spend time everyone together sometimes people need their own space so if you can retreat to your bedroom for the evening or head out at the weekend and allow your parents or in laws some time to themselves. It also give you some time away to be together as a family unit and do something.


What would your top tips be?

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