Happy 2nd Birthday Ailsa

Happy 2nd Birthday Ailsa

Baby Girl,

You are two now. A whole two years ago you entered our lives and made life a whirlwind of emotions and fun times. Life has just been amazing since you were born and my gosh I love you more than anything. You are such a wonderful little girl and mostly you are super happy and cheerful. You have lots of tantrums and can be quite over dramatic when you don’t get what you want, I have no idea where you get that from…. πŸ˜‰

Your Speech is really coming on, you have such a big vocabulary and you are just starting to string your words together, hopefully we will get short sentences from you soon enough. You are so adventurous and you are quite happy to climb and play on the big kids equipment at the park, as long as you know where Daddy or I are you are quite happy to explore.

You are still really small and in 9-12 month clothing, though you can get in some 12-18. Your not the best eater at the moment and love to graze on bits and bobs throughout the day. Though if we offer pizza it’s a different story and you will eat the lot, you just LOVE it! We have just stopped breastfeeding this week, which makes me so sad but it needed to happen due to your latch changing and it making me so sore. You have coped with it so well though and you’ve slept through the night the last couple of nights which makes me think it was a good idea that we wean now. We still snuggle up though which we both love.

We have just moved back to Scotland and are staying with Gran and Granddad for now whilst we settle and get ourselves organised. I know you’ll just love to spend more time with them and your uncle ‘Shaw’ and auntie ‘Ma’. You love them so much and I can’t wait to see your relationship flourish with them all. We will need to get out there and make new friends and I know for you it will be easy, your such a sociable little girl.

Happy birthday my gorgeous Ailsa.

I love you

Mummy xxxx

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