Top Tips For Moving House With Children

Top Tips For Moving House With Children

With our long distance move coming up in a little under 3 weeks, I asked some lovely bloggers for their advice on moving with little ones. I have put together all their advice in the hopes that it will help someone else and I should be able to add some of my own once we have done it ourselves.

Emma Sophie Ella and Me

My top tip is to pack all non-essentials and things you aren’t going to need when they are in bed. It means the kids aren’t getting in the way and there’s less to do closer to the time!

Cherry The Newby Tribe

We moved 100 miles north over Christmas! My top tip is, stay in a hotel for the first 2 nights of the move to the new house. Means that the kids feel like it’s a bit of a holiday, you’re not frantically routing through boxes for stuff late at night and you can escape from the madness each evening! 

Emily Babies and Beauty

Keep a handy box that you can grab at any minute aside with some essentials for them, some of their favourite toys, even some new things, magazines, sticker books, and of course some snacks. Proved so handy for distracting our toddler when we moved. 

Annie Mama Willmot

Pack up their room last, even on the morning of the move if you can and then unpack it first in your new house so they get settled first. 

Kelly Nature Mum Blog

My partner and I moved from Essex to Wales and didn’t know one person. I made an effort from my second week here to get to toddler groups where I met so many lovely people. Been here three years now and don’t have a single regret. I would highly recommend getting out and meeting people as soon as you can as it is easy to become isolated. But my friends are now like family. Good luck. 

 Beth Bamm Boo

We’ve moved a lot – my oldest was in his 5th house before he was 7. My top tip is: unless they’re really little don’t use it as a good time to get rid of toys you don’t think they want anymore. They’re guaranteed to ask for something you’ve binned when you’re feeling guilty about moving them and you’ll have to do an emergency Amazon order! 

Jen Just Average Jen

My top tip would be to unpack their rooms first if you can with the things they see as essential first so that quite quickly they are relaxed and feeling at home in their new room!

Rachel Coffee, Cake, Kids

We’ve moved 6 times in 6 years, all with young children (5 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old). Most recent (and hopefully last one for a long time!) was from Birmingham to Wales in October. Declutter before you go, find out about local parks and playgroups and get to them as soon as you can. From experience kids take moving in their stride – it’s a bit of an adventure! 

Michelle The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Pack a first night moving box! We did this and it was a lifesaver on that first night in our new place- Michelle wrote a post about it here

Emma Me and B Make Tea

I wrote a whole post about this 🙂 lots of tips in there – involving him really helped. helping him get excited about his new room 🙂 Emma wrote a post about it here.

Cara Lyla’s Angels

We moved from Australia to Scotland a year ago with a 3 year old and a 6 year old, my top tip would be to keep some things the same, keep the kids bedding the same for a while after you move, keep the same things on the walls as they had before, if you loved going for breakfast where you used to live find somewhere to go in your new home asap and keep those old traditions in your new place. So little is in a kids control when they move that keeping some things similar helps give a sense of stability and comfort. Having said all that expect that it will take a while to settle, longer than you think. For us it was a year before we felt that everything had fallen into place and that we were all settled but for a cross country move rather than a cross world move it would be less time I imagine! 

Sherry Kits and Vixen

Meeting people is definitely good for you. I moved 90+ miles from city to country.Try parent and toddler groups, kids have no hang ups and make friends easily and can in turn help you connect with other mums. The best thing I did was find a group for me, which turned out to be a fitness group. Pilates, yoga, Zumba, craft group, book club. Think about a hobby you have or one you keep putting off but would love to try. New home, new start, new hobby. Good luck on your new adventure xx

Laura Life With Baby Kicks

We’ve done a few, the last was moving to Doha.Pack up their room last, saving those special toys in a little bag for them to take and “move” themselves, then when you get in unpack their room first so they have somewhere to sleep and get familiar with.If you can get them out of the house while it’s unpacked, take them somewhere fun so when they come back it’s all ready for them just like Magic. And save a box for them. They love the boxes to play in.


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    thanks so much for including us 🙂 I will be sure to share as there are loads of great tips here!

    • February 27, 2017 / 3:51 pm

      It is my pleasure, all the tips are fab and I am making great use of them!

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