How I Am Reaching My Health Goals with Nativia

How I Am Reaching My Health Goals with Nativia

This year my health is such a huge focus for me and even in the midst of going back to work part time for a couple of months and prepping for a house move in March I am still focusing on my goals. I’m not getting in the exercise I wanted too quite yet but I can still work on my diet by making all important choices.

Fill my plate with veggies

I love veg, especially Broccoli and carrots so I make sure I fill up a good half of my plate up with veg. I am normally quite naughty and add lashings of butter to my veg but I have cut that out and add a teensy bit of pink Himalayan salt and lots of black pepper. That way I am filling up on the good stuff and getting in lots of vitamins.

Snacking on Fruit

Fruit is the perfect thing to snack on at work and when I am around Ailsa. I normally always have a Banana in my bag and get it out when I am feeling peckish. I also like to provide a good example for Ailsa and try to encourage her to snack on fruit between meals so that she doesn’t try and get into the chocolate stash and it really does work, she is such a fruit fiend and is known for going through a punnet of Strawberries in a day.

Giving Up Added Sugarย 

I used to be so terrible with adding lots of sugar to my tea and coffee. I have now gotten to a stage where I can have my tea with just milk but I love a sweet coffee and have struggled for the past year with finding a more natural and calorie free sugar alternative. I am so happy to have now found Natvia, with 100% fewer calories than sugar it is perfect for keeping my calorie count down and I love that it is 100% naturally sourced. It still adds the sweetness I’m looking for but I feel it is much healthier and I can use it in so many different ways, in my coffee, in baking or to add a bit of sweetness to a tomato based pasta sauce. The taste is no different though so any sweet treats still feel a bit naughty but I don’t need to feel guilty about not sticking to my diet. Available in handy 20g sticks or 300g Cannister I can take it where ever I go.


Using Plant Based Milks

Dairy never fully agrees with me and as much as I love it I know I should use alternatives where I can. In smoothies especially I love to use a plant based milk either Almond, Coconut or Oat. I don’t have much of a preference and tend to buy what is on offer that week. I use it on my cereal or in my coffee too. Oat milk is especially yummy with coffee and I love porridge made with Coconut. I just haven’t been able to give up cow milk in my tea though it just doesn’t taste as nice.

Swapping Breakfast Tea With Green Tea

As I said above I can’t have anything other than cow milk in my normal tea so instead of trying to drink it black I tend to swap it for a yummy green tea or a fruit tea. That way I still get a yummy warm beverage without the calories. I love a mint tea too when my tummy isn’t feeling quite right I find it settles it quite nicely. Do you have a favourite tea I should try?

So there you have it my top 5 things to do to keep me on top of my health goals. What do you do to achieve yours? let me know in the comments.


* I was sent Natvia to review for the purpose of this blog post. All Opinions are my own.ย 

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