Mrs Lynch and Her First Day Back In The Workplace

Mrs Lynch and Her First Day Back In The Workplace

When my maternity leave ended last February I was hoping to head back to the workplace and unfortunately my employer couldn’t offer a part time role to fit my skills. I was really sad to leave a company I loved so much but working full time just wasn’t what I wanted and the cost of child care would have left me with a negative income after tax and NI had been deducted. So when I had an email asking if I could go back for a couple of months doing a couple of days a week to help with some work they had I organised some lovely friends to take care of Ailsa for 2 days a week and back into the workplace I ventured for the first time in 2 years only yesterday

I knew that leaving Ailsa would be hard, it would be the longest she had been left with anyone that wasn’t family but I knew that she was going to be in safe hands and well entertained and looked after. I managed the drop off without crying even though I was sad to leave her and headed off to work, well not before a quick trip back home to give James his laptop which had been left in the car….
Getting into work, it honestly felt like I had never been away. Although there were many new faces there were plenty of familiar ones and it was just like old times and I was so happy to see old friends.

The day went quickly by as I was showed the new system and got back into the swing of working, along with lots of “Hello’s” and hugs from everyone. Having that adult time and drinking lots of hot drinks and getting to pee on my own was heavenly. It was something I really needed a way to reconnect with the me before I was Mum and although being a mum is my favourite job I really miss the routine of going to work and earning for myself. Don’t get me wrong being away from Ailsa wasn’t easy but knowing I was heading home to pick her up in just a few hours meant the day went quickly.

Being back in the adult world not talking about baby poo or how much my child’s eating or breastfeeding was just the respite I needed. It is only 2 days a week and I know it’s only for a short amount of time but I really just needed to get back out there and as a hard as it is to leave my child I wasn’t actually that upset about it. Maybe having had such a long time at home with her without much me time has meant that I grab any opportunity with both hands to get out on my own or maybe I am just a bit more career orientated than I though I was. Yes I work from home on my blog here and have also started working on my own business doing social media but they don’t really feel like ‘work’, ย I relished being in the workplace, I relished feeling like the old me again, chatting away to friends and I know when it is time to say goodbye all over again I am going to be one sobbing mess but until then I am officially a working mama!

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  1. January 13, 2017 / 5:45 pm

    Aww I think it's an excellent move, even if it's only temporary. I shall look forward to seeing what the future brings did you! xxx

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