How I Plan to Get Healthy This Year

How I Plan to Get Healthy This Year
In 2016 I managed to loose just over 2 stone, excess weight I had been carrying around for years and only around ½ a stone I could blame on baby weight. So dropping that weight felt great, I had so much more energy and felt amazing about myself. Over Christmas I allowed myself to indulge and though I put on a few pounds I certainly don’t regret it but I definitely want to get back to where I was through the summer and knowing that I have done it and managed to maintain bar a few pounds through the rest of the year I am feeling super motivated.
My aim for 2017 is to lose the few pounds from Christmas and tone up. My tummy has always been my problem area, it’s where I put weight on first and my least toned area so that will be the main focus I will be working. I also want to work on my overall strength as I am lifting and carrying a growing toddler I want to make it easier on myself. I want to be fit and healthy so that I can easily run around after Ailsa and carry her without getting sore.
The plan is to get better with my diet, I am very much an everything in moderation kind of person and if I deprive myself of anything then I crave it so much so the odd cheeky bit of chocolate or glass of wine but I am going to be upping my fruit and veg intake along with lots of nutrient dense foods. I am a member of the Tone It Up nutrition program but have been so bad at following it so this year I would really like to make the effort to follow it 80% of the time as the food is healthy but not completely limiting and also suitable to make for the whole family with extra sides if needed.
For exercise I just got myself a new pair of trainers and I am planning on going on more walks, running around the park with Ailsa, and maybe even going out for jogs on my own once the weather is a bit warmer. At home I will be putting in the time and taking 30-60 mins a day to fit in some toning exercise following YouTube videos from Tone It Up, Blogilates and any others I come across.
I always like to start the New Year with a fitness goal and although most years I never stick to it I am feeling really positive about this year and I really want to take care of myself and my body. I am also going to come up with a list of non-food rewards for hitting goals, so for example if I work out for a minimum of 30 mins a day for 2 weeks I will book in to get my nails done or for a massage, or I might buy a new piece of clothing etc.


Do you have any fitness or health goals for 2017? Any tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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