Getting Stuck Into The New Year Declutter

Getting Stuck Into The New Year Declutter

This year a massive aim for us as a family is to move back home to Scotland, preferably sooner rather than later. So with such a big move in the pipeline from our home in Wiltshire we really don’t want to move with loads of stuff we don’t want to keep so from last week once we got back from our Christmas holiday we have been getting stuck into decluttering big time!

I have previously read Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ so we are using some of the principles from her book but not following it exactly as we have a toddler running havoc. We are still getting rid of stuff that doesn’t bring us joy which has made it much easier for us to let go of ย a lot of things so far. It can be so hard to let go of items but really you have to make that decision of do you really need it and what is it actually bringing to your life. I still have the top that I was wearing when I met James and I am really struggling to let go of it but it’s just sitting in the wardrobe not doing anything so I really need to just let go.

Decluttering is something we have always been meaning to get around to and most of the time it never happens or we do a little bit and then stop, but this year we WILL be doing and doing it properly! We are going to go room by room and really going through everything, every drawer, under all the beds, the loft is going to be emptied. A true full on declutter of every single thing we own. We will either be keeping, selling or donating and only what we really have to will we trash as other people may be able to make use of stuff that we don’t need.

If you have any decluttering tips, send them my way!!

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