Celebrate Valentines Day with Prestige Flowers

Celebrate Valentines Day with Prestige Flowers

I absolutely adore having fresh flowers in the house, so when I was contacted by Prestige Flowers and asked if I would like to try out their service just in time for Valentines day why of course I said ” Yes please!!!”. I was very pleased to receive a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, my all time favourite flower, sprinkled in red glitter. Oh how my day was made! The flowers were delivered promptly in a very sturdy box and arrived pristine, no damage at all which I have had in the past with flower deliveries.

The flowers came with a leaflet on caring for the flowers so we could make the most out of them and also most importantly a box of delicious truffle chocolates which I have to admit I gobbled down pretty much straight away as they were just delicious. I prepped the flowers for a vase by cutting the stems as instructed and just over a week later they look as fresh as the did when they arrived.

Prestige flowers are great as they have such a wide range that you can order to suit all budgets and occasions. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake an ex-boyfriend of mine did and order a Bonsai tree instead of a bouquet of flowers for the lucky person in your life! Thank you Prestige Flowers for my gorgeous Bouquet! We will certainly be ordering again!

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