GB Pockit Stroller- First Impressions

GB Pockit Stroller- First Impressions

Last week we received a lovely delivery of a GB Pockit Stroller to test out over the Christmas period. I thought that I would share our first impressions of the Pockit after testing it for the last few days. The GB Pockit came all ready to be used straight out of the box, the stroller folds down so compact that it is just ever so slightly bigger than my changing bag, it actually holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest folded stroller.  We thought this would be ideal for us going up North over Christmas as we weren’t planning on taking our big pram with us as we need room for all our stuff for the cottage we are staying in over that period.

The Pockit is super light (only 4.3kg) and compact and it makes it easy for me, without much strength to lift and move around. I could even pick it up one handed whilst carrying Ailsa and for me that is a huge positive. I do find however that once unfolded, it is slightly too tall for me but I am only 4ft 11in so this wouldn’t be an issue for anyone even slightly taller than I am. The Pockit moves easily with and without the weight of a child in it and I was able to push it one handed no problem. The Pockit is forward facing but I am able to see and speak to Ailsa from above quite easily, the only issue I had with this was when she fell asleep I didn’t realise and spoke to her for at least 5-10 minutes before I noticed oops. She must have found it comfy enough to fall asleep though!

One thing I am loving about the Pockit is Ailsa’s willingness to actually use it! It has become a recent struggle to get Ailsa in her big pram and I’ve had to resort to bribes so we don’t have massive tantrums. Since the Pockit arrived Ailsa has been so excited to use it and will climb in with no tears, fights or bribes. It has been a remarkable change in her behaviour when it comes to using a stroller and I couldn’t be happier with it. She absolutely adores using is and is quite happy and comfy in there. I have been popping her in her snowsuit for trips out and about in the cold weather and that is perfect for keeping her snug and warm without having lots of blankets wrapped her.

We are really looking forward to taking the GB Pockit Stroller away with us next week and seeing how well it travels and using it out and about a bit more. I will be doing a more in depth video review over on my YouTube Channel in the New Year. The Pockit can be purchased from a number of retailers and is priced around £149.95.
Disclaimer: We were sent the GB Pockit Stroller on loan to review, we are receiving no monetary compensation in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


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