A Trip To Bristol Zoo

Just last week we took Ailsa on her first ever Zoo trip. James had taken a couple of days annual leave and we wanted to make the most of it. Luckily the weather was kind to us and although it was slightly on the chilly side it was dry and made for a very good day out. We live roughly 45 minutes from Bristol Zoo and it was fairly easy to get to by car through Bristol City Centre. There were plenty of sign posts and our SatNav got us there in great time. We found the Car Park easily and the parking attendants were so pleasant and helpful, parking cost £3 which I think is very reasonable for a city centre attraction.

Entry to the Zoo cost £17 each for James and I and Ailsa being under 2 was free. We found this to be a really reasonable price compared to some of the other local attractions which are upwards of £30 for a day ticket. Once we had paid for our tickets and had been given a map we were straight out into the Zoo and looking straight into the first of the animal enclosures, The Flamingos, such eye catching birds. Ailsa was enthralled by them and next door were some very friendly Babbons which included a tiny little baby one, who can resist a cute little baby of any species.

Next up we headed over to the Lion enclosure. Bristol Zoo has a Lion feeding experience and we were very lucky that at the time we were there a lady was feeding them and that we got to see them up close. They are such magnificent creatures and Ailsa was absolutely taken aback  and I am so glad I captured her face when she saw them.

The Zoo was really easy to navigate around, Ailsa mostly walked but we took the pram in with us to give her a rest at times. Everywhere we went Ailsa could easily walk around and it was easy enough to get the pram around too. The times she was in the pram we found having her facing forward was easiest for her to see everything and all of the exhibits were very pram and wheelchair friendly.

We didn’t make any of the animal enclosure talks but whilst going around some of the more open enclosure such as the Lemurs and the Wallabies we got to speak to a couple of the Zoo Keepers and they were very knowledgeable about the animals, explaining their behavious and answering the questions we had about them. I was particularly curious about the Lemur who was tandem feeding her twin babies. We did make it to the Mini Creatures talk where Ailsa got to meet a Corn Snake and some Cockroaches. There were two lovely gentlemen giving the talk and brought the animals up close so we could see them and Ailsa even got to touch the Cockroach- I wasn’t a fan as I don’t really like creepy crawlies at all.

For lunch we headed to the Coral Cafe, at first look we thought the prices were quite high but after getting our meals- the portion sizes were fantastic and compared to a meal out somewhere was definitely worth the money. I had the Soup and a Sandwhich deal which was £6 and James had a Hot Pork Roll and Chips and we had 2 soft drinks each and cost us around £18 in total. We didn’t get Ailsa an individual meal as she doesn’t eat a huge amount and she shared ours. If you would rather take a picnic there were plenty of spots around the Zoo where you could pitch up and quite happily eat.

Whilst wandering around the Zoo we used the baby care facilities for a nappy change for Ailsa and found it to be clean and warm. There were two comfy chairs with footrests which would be a perfect spot to relax and feed a baby if you preferred somewhere quiet and out the way. There was also a nice play park at the Zoo which we didn’t get the chance to make use of but most definitely will next time we are there.

We had such a fantastic day out at Bristol Zoo and we are already planning our next trip back, most likely at some point in the new year with our family when they are down to visit us next year. I would most definitely recommend it for a well priced day out if your in the area.

*I was not compensated at all to write this review and all opinions are my own. 

** Bristol Zoo are offering you the chance to help name their new baby Pygmy Hippo you can vote through their Facebook Page- Bristol Zoo Gardens. I have made my vote!

The images below are courtesy of Bristol Zoo


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