September Challenge- Week 1

From September to December I have set myself 4 challenges. September’s challenge is to stick to a cleaning schedule and so far it is not going so well…

As were in Scotland for the first 4 days of the month, I couldn’t really get stuck in and since we got back I have been trying to get onto of the aftermath of being on holiday. Unpacking, getting washing done and trying to get some general order into the house. James and I have also been suffering with a lack of motivation from homesickness that we always have after coming back down. 
I am hoping to change our mindsets over the weekend though and really get stuck in to catch up on what needs to be done. We find it so easy to let the housework pile up on top of us and the idea of the schedule is to keep us (mainly me) in check and so that I can track what needs to be done each day more easily. 
Hopfully next week works out better for us! 

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