Taking A Toddler to a Wedding

If you follow me on social media you may have seen that last weekend we were guests at our lovely friends wedding. This is the 4th wedding we have taken Ailsa too but it is the first where she has been a walking, talking toddler. To say I was slightly nervous that she would interrupt the ceremony is an understatement. Luckily Ailsa was really good the whole day and didn’t get too grumpy. James and I had a bit of a plan to ensure that we could quieten Ailsa before she kicked off and started to run amok and it really did work.

Decide who will take toddler out if needed during the ceremony- We decided that since the wedding was of James’ close friend that I would remove Ailsa if needed so as not to disrupt the ceremony.

Ask a staff member if there is a better place to move to if needed- Most staff members and venues are quite accomodating when you have a little one, we checked with the staff where the best place to take Ailsa to was and luckily I was still able to watch and hear the ceremony whilst Ailsa had a little wander and was able to make some noise without being disruptive.

Sit in an aisle seat so that you can make a quick get away- Making a quick getaway is so important if little one decides not to play ball and all other ways of keeping them quiet has failed.

Take toys, books, food anything that can help keep a little one quiet during the ceremony- I took some plain wrap that Ailsa loves to munch on and also offered her some milk to help keep her quiet and still and when that started to not work we moved to quieter spot and she was happy till the end.

Let little one run around when appropriate- tire them out– Before and after the ceremony, let them run around and explore. Most people love little ones and won’t be too bothered before or after the ceremony with a little one exploring.

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