Our Weekly Meal Plan

These are some of my favourite posts to read and so I thought I would share what we will be having this week.

Breakfast- Overnight Oats
Lunch-ย One Pan Mexican Quinoa
Dinner- Baked Potato, Beans and cheese

Breakfast-Bell Pepper Egg in a Hole
Lunch- One Pan Mexican Quinoa
Dinner- Salmon Stirfry

Breakfast- Overnight Oats
Lunch-Pesto Pasta
Dinner- Beef Kofta Curry-ย Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals

Breakfast- Overnight Oats
Lunch- Leftovers from Wednesday
Dinner- Scrambled egg burito

Breakfast- Avocado toast
Lunch- Pesto Pasta
Dinner- Puff Pastry Pizza

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