Fitness Friday: Tone It Up Bikini Series Week 5

Week 5 is almost over! I cannot believe it. Have a read below and find out how I got on.

The Mealplan

This weeks meals have been pretty good. I did have a twirl one day but everything in moderation! I am trying my best though Β to make sure I make heathy choices this week. Instead of having pizza James and I made our own using a tortilla instead and it was super yummy!

The Workouts

This week has been pretty bad on the workout front as I had a poorly teething baby who only wanted Mummy cuddles. So I have really struggled and not given it my all. I have been trying to get up early at 6am to fit it in but only once has Ailsa not woken up when I have gotten up. I have managed to do a lot of walking though which I am really happy with.

Overall Feelings

This week could definitely have been better. I need to work on getting up early to fit in my workout and that is my goal for next week.

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