Post-partum Hair Loss

Post-partum Hair Loss

For anyone loosing a lot of hair can be quite distressing and I am no exception. Post-partum hair loss is completely normal and can affect more than half of new mothers. During pregnancy increased levels of oestrogen stops you from shedding as much hair giving you that gorgeous thick mane, but once baby is born oestrogen levels decrease and for many women that equals hair loss.
Although I already knew to expect this to happen, when it did eventually happen at around 3 1/2 month post-partum it was still a big shock.

ย My already fine hair has taken a battering over the last few months after constantly being thrown up into a pony tail or messy bun to stop little hands from grabbing it and it is now even finer thanks to the hair loss. So lately I have been trying to look after the hair I have.

My hair Savers

My trusty old tangle teezer- perfect for my long knotty hair. I have been using this for a couple years now and couldn’t be without it. It brushes my hair out without pulling or tugging. I have just added the tangle teezer blow dry brush to my collection and I just love it, I find there is no need to use my straightners after using it and my hair dries super quick and doesn’t take anywhere near as long.

Hair conditioner and hair masks- When I actually get time to wash my hair I use a really good conditioner, my favourite is the John Frieda Full Repair, I leave this to work in whilst I wash myself, and on a really good day use a body scrub or exfoliate my face. At the weekend I try and pop in a hair mask whilst doing a bit of cleaning of the bathroom/bedroom whilst hubby looks after baby.

Hair Oil- after washing my hair I pop in a little bit of Argan oil through the ends of my hair before drying.

Texturising spray and Dry shampoo- I love the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray and the Colab volumising dry shampoo. They are both great to give volume and are also great for giving unwashed hair a new lease of life- especially useful when you have a small child.

Giving up the styling tools- If I can I try and leave my hair to air dry as much as I can. If I do need to blow dry, I love using my new tangle teezer blow dry brush as already mentioned as I don’t need to straighten my hair after, saving some time with the heat tools.

Next up on my list of things to do it get my hair cut and the plan is to get a good few inches cut off. Hopefully that will help my hair look and feel that bit thicker and hopefully I wont have as much clogging up the shower drain.

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